Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

Thanks to the wonderful Easter weather we had this year, I managed to do quite a bit of gardening in between the Easter services – how about you?

I like gardening – but I don’t know the first thing about it. We’ve tried planting things which promptly withered and died, whereas stuff we have no idea what it is or whether we should welcome it into our garden, seems to thrive and spread uncontrollably. The results of my efforts are, shall we say somewhat haphazard, and there’s no way anybody is going to come up Barnes Lane just to visit the Manse garden…

Sometimes our Christian walk is quite similar to that. We know we should be holy, so we try and cultivate good habits – which then wither and die as soon as we get a bit stressed or tired, or simply run out of motivation.

And at the same time, habits and attitudes things we don’t want and which shouldn’t be welcomed seem to proliferate and take control far too often. We simply can’t keep our lives holy, any more than I can keep our garden weed-free and organised!

Time to call in the master gardener – you know, the one Mary met on Easter morning. He knows we can’t sort out our lives on our own, he can see all the weeds growing in our hearts, he’s heard all our resolutions to “do better next time” – and like those people who sometimes come calling telling you your garden needs professional help, Jesus offers a better solution.

He doesn’t care how messed up your life is, or what kind of weed has taken over your heart. He can deal with it: that’s why he came. His death breaks the power of sin, his resurrection breaks the power of death – and his love makes him ready and willing to start implementing that victory in your life and mine.

It may take a while: but Jesus will complete it. And when our church is a greenhouse of lives showcasing the work of the master gardener, maybe people will come travelling up Barnes Lane to find out what Jesus can do in their lives as well!



(May 2019)