Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

Well, the month of March is looking quite busy, what with the Prayer Course, a Youth Service, a Medical Aid coffee morning – not to mention a Healing conference and the Newcomers’ Supper!

What do they all have in common?

The answer is the Kingdom of God. Whether we’re worshipping together, praying together or serving together, we are representing the Kingdom of God.

All followers of Jesus are citizens of the Kingdom of God, which means we are not like everybody else. We are set apart (the original meaning of “holy”). We are cleansed and forgiven through the blood of Jesus. We are empowered by the Holy Spirit. We are children of our heavenly Father. And we are witnesses to God’s plan of salvation playing out in human history.

And yet, so many people think that there are two categories of Christians: the ones that God uses, and the ones he doesn’t. Some are called and gifted, others aren’t; some are simply holier than others - and of course most of us assume we’re in the useless group…

This is simply not true! No blood-bought child of God is useless. God has used all sorts of people, likely and unlikely; he knows where he wants to use you. We don’t all have the same call and the same role (that would be rather impractical); not all of us will have a public ministry; but we can all seek the place God has assigned for us in his plan.

There’s really only thing that can stop God from using you for His Kingdom: your refusal. And wouldn’t it be sad to one day find out that you could have an eternal impact on people’s lives, if you had only echoed Isaiah’s words: “Here I am, send me”


(March 2017)