Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

It seems very early to say Happy New Year, but that seems to be what the January edition of this bulletin requires… And it seems to be more meaningful (and necessary) than ever this year:

The vaccine is being rolled out, so I imagine all of us will get it at some point during 2021; so if they just manage to curb the new strain of the virus, normality should be in sight on the horizon.

The Brexit transition period will end on the 1st January, and even though I imagine it will be a rocky ride to begin with, hopefully things will look better by the end!

And of course, we’re another year closer to the second coming, the return of Jesus, which is something all Christians should be eagerly looking forward to. If anything good is going to come of this pandemic, it might be that it’s reminded us that life in this world isn’t permanent – so it’s good that we have something better to look forward to!

And while we wait for that glorious day, let’s take the opportunity provided by the annual end-of- year season to ask ourselves two questions:

Am I more Christlike today than a year ago?

How can I become more Christlike during this coming year?

If you ask the Holy Spirit to help you answer those two questions honestly and truthfully, and then choose to cooperate with him in dealing with whatever issues and problem areas he highlights in your life, there’s every chance that the new year will indeed be a happy one!

(January 2021)

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