Pastor's Letter

Dear friends,

Hallelujah - finally we get to celebrate Easter properly! OK, it’s not quite the same as normal, but it’s still going to be better than last year…

Of course it’s sad that we’re not able to celebrate the way we’d like to, and nobody is happy about having restrictions imposed on our collective worship. But let’s not forget that there are places in the world where followers of Jesus have always had to gather in secret, and others where they meet knowing that they could be violently attacked and killed, simply for proclaiming that Jesus is alive.

And still they gather to celebrate – and so must we; because the gospel message of resurrection and new life is too important to hide, too revolutionary to keep quiet about. And at least we can do it without fear of persecution!

I know it’s not always easy to share the good news with people, especially when they don’t seem particularly interested. But if anyone asks why we’re so keen on gathering for worship, we can at least try to answer by pointing them to the reason for the season – the reason Easter is so important:

Jesus died for your sins!

Jesus rose from the dead!

Jesus is King forevermore!

Happy Easter!

(April 2021)

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