There are 27 photo albums.

Christmas 2019
Christmas 2019


Harvest 2019
Church decorated for Harvest 2019


Keyhaven Songs of Praise 2019
The annual Songs of Praise at Keyhaven with Boscombe Salvation Army Band, David Hellsten and Martin Keenan. Photos by Dudley Andrews


Outdoor service 21st May 2019
Outdoor service in support of the persecuted church (all photos by Dudley Andrews)


Keith's Baptism 17th Feb 2019
Keith's Baptism


Kitchen Extension 2018
The progress of the work on the kitchen and toilets, early 2018


Harvest 2017
Tabernacles and Harvest 2017


Clothes Collection 2016
Saturday 1st October 2016: Collecting clothes for Samara's Aid Appeal


Harvest 2016
Harvest Decorations 25th September 2016


Gina's Baptism 10th July 2016
Gina's Baptism on Sunday the 10th July 2016


Anniversary weekend 2016
Milford Baptist Church celebrating 200 years


Flower Festival 2016
The Biblical Flower Festival 6-7 May 2016


Easter 2016
Our Easter celebrations 2016


Anniversary 2016 - Burns Night
Our first Burns night ever, 23rd January 2016


Christmas 2015
Christmas 2015


Mary's Baptism
Mary's Baptism November 2014


Harvest 2015
Harvest 2015


Garden Party 2015
Garden Party, part of church anniversary weekend, fund-raising for the Leprosy Mission


Easter 2015
Flower Decorations Easter 2015


Harvest 2014
Our 2014 Harvest celebration


Harvest 2013
Photos from our Big Welcome / Harvest weekend 2013


Baptisms 2013
Baptisms of Bob Haddow (01/09/13) and Lara Hellsten (22/09/13)


Harvest 2011
Harvest Festival 2011


Church BBQ
Church BBQ on 1st August 2011


Garden Party 2011
Garden Party for Emanuel Church, Kamza, Albania, on 2nd July 2011


Induction of the new minister, David Hellsten, on the 23rd April 2011


Milford Baptist Church
General church photos